Three people sitting on a bench in the park

Printemps à Paris (Spring in Paris)

May 21, 2019

Trees are sprouting leaves, flowers are in bloom, sparrows sing wake-up melodies at dawn, and morning rain cleans the narrow cobble stone streets. It is spring in Paris. With spring sun giving a shimmer of warmth and sunlight from the…

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A building with two glass doors and a window.

Jacques Génin | Gourmet Chocolate

May 11, 2011

Post-Easter and springtime in Paris are not a good pair. While you may be ready and willing to put on summery clothes, the facts are you’ve just spent a whole weekend eating loads of chocolate eggs, bells and rabbits. Women’s…

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A store front with many windows and lights.

Pâques – Easter In Paris

April 17, 2011

Pâques (Easter and Passover) in Paris is all about chocolate, easter eggs, and fun activities for children. Windows of chocolate shops are lined with ornate chocolate eggs, some the size of American footballs, for sale (and eating) during the holiday. Themes…

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A poster for the american film festival.

European Independent Film Festival

March 26, 2011

In only 6 years, The European Independent Film Festival has made waves and built a truly impressive reputation among the international film community. This event is lauded as the Sundance of Europe. The 2011 selection will screen 77 films from…

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