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Black Truffle Season In Paris

Winter season may be viewed as a lowlight for fresh harvests from the earth, but the most prized and expensive bounty is cultivated from December through early February — the black truffle. More expensive than caviar, black truffles sell for over 1,000 Euros a kilo, fine restaurants share, for a short period of time this special treat — but expect to pay high prices for enjoying black truffles on the menu. Black truffles are especially popular with foie gras, risotto and simply with eggs (in an omlette). Just about any restaurant worth its salt has a special black truffle dish on the menu.

Some of our favorite places to find black truffles in Paris are:

Chez Georges. Chez Georges, one of my favorite places, is offering black truffle specials for a limited time only, including a French favorite — scrambled eggs tops with a black truffles.

Josephine (Chez Dumonet). One of our favorite winter spots, they have a whole special black truffle menu, with foie gras, steak (and foie gras), among other rich wonders.

Benoit. This famed brasserie operated by Alain Ducasse served shaved black truffle with leeks and scallops — a luscious dish worthy of this elegant destination.

La Chaumette. A neighborhood bistro that has a veloute with black truffles.

Violon d’Ingres. No dish at Christian Constant’s Michelin star restaurant disappoints, but be sure he has black truffles on the menu, as his menu varies constantly to ensure fresh and seasonal dishes.

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