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La Petite Rose

Searching for a tea room without crowds of Ladurée or Angelina’s? Escape to La Petite Rose in the 17tharrondissement. A quaint, but elegant patissier-chocolatier, La Petite Rose offers a breath of sweet, pale-pink air where you can find light lunch, simply take a café and –  yes, sample what I believe is the best macaron pistache in Paris.

As a tearoom, the atmosphere here is warm and welcoming. Each table inside, draped in luxuriously oversized pale-amaranth cloths, displays a small pink rose. Situated across from Metro Villiers, La Petite Rose is tucked away from tourists yet still provides a cozy spot to people–(or, here, true-Parisian) watch. The shop is always occupied but never overcrowded. Though you won’t hear any English here, the staff is very hospitable and mostly bilingual. The menu features over 20 tea selections including Rose Congou, brewed from small rose blossom petals. The house iced tea for the summer has a delicious, sweet citrus twist of flavor.

Lunch, served everyday from 12h to 15h, offers a selection to please any palate. The tarte endives et jambon is excellent, as is the tarte saumon et épinards, and in both cases, the flavors are flawlessly balanced. Salads featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables are prepared daily and serve as a healthy fix before selecting a sucré indulgence. All patisseries and chocolate are homemade and unique. Take the “Valentineâ€: a fine chocolate biscuit base supports raspberry crème brûlée, a layer of raspberries, then chocolate mousse. The entire creation is coated in a layer of glossed, dark chocolate ganache. Delicious.

However, it is the macaron pistache that is truly a remarkable achievement: the pied is a perfect gentle crunch that gives to a buttery, silken cream filling every single time. The patissier saves the actual pistache for a chic garnish, just one or two little pieces on top. Even the experienced macaron-connoisseur (you’re in good company) will find the extreme lightness of its delicate texture surprising. Leave a few to take home, or with a selection of chocolates for a dinner party. Enjoy the peace and elegance of La Petite Rose, then perhaps head to Parc Monceau, five minutes up Boulevard Courcelles.

Address: 11 Boulevard de Courcelles, 75008
Métro: Villiers
Tél: 01 45 22 07 27
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9h-18h

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