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La Flûte l’Étoile | Champagne Bar

One of my favorite haunts to go for a glass of bubbly is La Flûte l’Étoile in the 17th arrondissement. La Flûte is a stone’s throw away from the Arc de Triumph off of the Avenue Wagram. It is an intimate and elegant spot with modern décor. They have a typical bar setting downstairs and a mezzanine section upstairs that is the perfect place to spend a cozy evening with friends. La Flûte even has a special nook in the mezzanine that is a perfect place for lovers.

Best yet, they mastered the art of fabulous Champagne cocktails. All of their signature cocktails offered are delicious, but my favorites would have to be the “Antoinette†(grapefruit, strawberry, with Absolut Vodka and Champagne), “Le Fleur de Rosé†(Stolichnaya, purée of raspberry, purée of pineapple, cream of raspberry, and Champagne), and of course, the “Champagne Mojito†is in a class all its own.

La Flûte was founded by native Parisian Hervé Rousseau in 1997. There are three Flûte locations world-wide. The Paris branch opened in January of 2008, the other branches are in New York City. They have a myriad of choices all chilled to perfection. You can order by the bottle, glass, or take the “trial†taste size and sample until you find one that you love! The staff is extremely gracious and friendly, and they will help you find your perfect bottle if you run into any trouble.

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Flûte l’Étoile | Champagne Bar

If you are not in the mood for a cocktail and do not want to stick around to finish a bottle, they also offer 40 different flavors of Kir – everything from bubble gum to mango. The first drink I ever had here was a “Kir Royale Violette.†If the color purple had a taste, I would imagine it would be exactly like that. To accompany your drink of choice, La Flûte has a selection of tapas from which to choose. Those offered are simple; things like fois gras, saumon fumé, even caviar – all of which go very well with Champagne!

If you were to ask any of my close friends, they will tell you that I am just crazy about champagne. I love the ritual of opening the bottle, the sound it makes when the cork comes off, and the wonderful way the bubbles from your first sip float around in your mouth. For me champagne is happiness in a glass, which is why it is necessary to drink it often; and there is no better place to go for a glass then La Flûte.

Address: 19 rue de l’Étoile, 75017
Hours: Monday to Saturday 5pm to 2am
Tél: +33 1 45 72 10 14
Métro. Ternes or Charles de Gaulle Étoile

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