A store front of the la cevicheria.

La Cevicheria

Living in a city like Paris, it is difficult to find a happening new resto before some newspaper destroys it with a rave review. With La Cevicheria, I feel as though I got the scoop!

I went for the first time on a Friday night, with a table of ten – which for the size of their location took quite some convincing – believe me! They have since moved the restaurant to a larger space, and I am sure now that party size will present less of an issue. We were not able to sit until after 10PM, but found this spot to be well worth the wait. The atmosphere there immediately pulls you in, and the staff seems genuinely happy to have you there.

Their cocktails are delicious, it includes all the classics; and their wine list, though short, is excellent and will not leaving you wanting. 

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The enchanting ambiance they created inside with their airy décor, coupled with the most amazing and zesty dishes, is sure to satify all ceviche lovers! You have your pick between 12 different ceviches made fresh daily with fish purchased at the local market just next to the resto.

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The dishes are best when shared. A friend and I decided to split 3 different ceviche variations (daurade pimenté, bar sauvage, and thon sauvage)and a side of pureed sweet potatoes with melted chedder cheese and were quite full! The ceviches run around 12-15€/plate. They also have a “plat du jour†menu, and I highly reccomend asking the staff which one they suggest that day. They will be happy to help! With this already bussling new location, and a loyal local customer base, La Cevicheria is here to stay.

La Cevicheria is now located at 14 rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris, France

Open every day except Tuesdays, it is easily accessed from the Sentier or Étienne Marcel métro stations.

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Lunch :
12h00 à 15h00

Dinner :
19h30 à 23h00

Reservations: +33 (0)9 80 88 58 05

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