Located in a relatively quiet and obscure street in the Seventh arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower, just half a block away from Rue Saint Dominique, Veramente became both a favorite date-night restaurant with for my wife and me, and a great place for our two young boys as well.  This Italian restaurant, with sleek noir design and only a few tables, is always crowded, usually with a well-dressed crowd of models and other chic patrons.

Veramente specializes in seafood and pasta but serves some excellent veal dishes as well, including a seared escalope de veau (thinly sliced veal) in a lemon sauce.  We usually order off-menu for our children as this is a true ristorante and there is no pizza available.   We order a penne with crème fraiche and parmesan, which is almost like a fettucine alfredo but easier to eat and not as heavy as a pure cream and butter sauce.

The entrées include an excellent antipasto for two, with a selection of cured meats and grilled vegetables.  The boeuf carpaccio with a roquette and parmesan is also excellent, and daily specials never disappoint.  The plats include risotto with truffle and parmesan – rich, creamy and extremely flavorful.  Seafood is always adjusted daily with specials, and I have tried grilled sea bass, swordfish, and clams – all of which were fresh and prepared perfectly.

If you are lucky, the dessert menu will include a tiramisu fraise, my son’s favorite, which is like a strawberry shortcake, but better.  The cream is light and fluffy, and I have never had tiramisu quite like it.  Other desserts include simple gelato (ask for available flavors), and a fondant au chocolat (a gooey chocolate cake) served with a side of gelato.

The wine menu, as expected, is almost exclusively Italian, and a range of good reds and whites are available in the 30-40 Euro range.  Tuscan Tignanello is also available, as well other some other premium wines.

Veramente rarely gets hopping until 9:30 as the “in crowd” starts to waltz in.  When giving my dog a late-night walk it was not uncommon to see people leaving at 12:30 or 1:00 am.  The restaurant has terrace seating which is nice when the weather permits, but this skinny crowd of models tends to smoke between courses, so just be prepared for some cigarette smoke if you choose to sit outside (smoking is now banned indoors in all French restaurants).

The owner is well dressed and he and his entire staff are cheerful and attentive.  The maître de restaurant is always charming and you don’t need to be a part of the “in crowd” to receive attentive service.  We lived practically next door, so they would greet us with a warm hello when we walked by, usually with our yellow Labrador, Truman, who, at the time, was old (12+ years and a cancer patient).  They welcomed Truman to dinner, and comforted us when we told them he had passed away.   On one occasion, my youngest son barely touched his plate so we asked if we could take it emporter (to go), which is unusual as Parisians don’t ask for “doggie bags”.  They simply covered the plate in aluminum foil and asked us to bring it back another time.  In short, this is a charming little quartier restaurant that is a favorite among those in the neighborhood but draws upon a chic crowd from other arrondissements as well.  Indeed, what is surprising about Veramente is how many people from outside the neighborhood know about it and come here for a fun, lively evening.

As this is a ristorante, prices are higher than a pizzeria, so expect to pay more – though the higher quality of the cuisine makes up for it.  Although usually appreciated for a date night or with close-knit friends, Veramente is a fan favorite of our children, and if you want to go out somewhere nice but with kids, it is a perfect choice for a fun and suave soirée.   Click here for more information:

Open Monday-Saturday.

Telephone: +

Address:  2 Rue Sedillot, 75007 Paris

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