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Servant (Chocolate, Candy and Sweets)

Founded in 1913, this family owned chocolate and candy shop has retained its character and its charm for nearly 100 hundred years. The first time we went I was taking a picture of my two boys in the front of the store, and the owner came out and graciously handed each some little treats, with […]
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When we first moved to Paris I was in awe of every boulangerie and patisserie. On Rue Saint-Dominque, a block from where we lived, there were two bakeries within 100 meters of each other, another a block away on Rue de Grenelle, another famed bakery another 200 meters away on Avenue Bosquet, and then yet another […]
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In 1789 when the French stormed Versailles, causing Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI to seek “haven” in the Tuileries, it is said that the rioters sought to return with the royal family’s “baker, the baker’s wife, and the apprentice” — such was the importance of bread to the ancien regime.  Indeed, the events that led up […]
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