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Le Café Chinois

Tea is often thought of as a particularly English obsession and, indeed, every day the people of England – myself included – down buckets of the stuff, with or without milk, sugar, and biscuits. As a big fan of what the Victorians called “the gentle herb,” I am frequently asked to recommend places in England […]
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Walking along the streets of Île Saint-Louis you expect to find cute stores full of jewelry, trinkets, and art work, but what I was surprised to discover was a hip clothing store which is now one of my favorites! Named simply after its address, 78 could easily be overlooked when passing by if it wasn’t […]
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Most people these days like options.  More and more people are perfecting multitasking as it becomes easier and easier to get distracted with new toys, electronics, trinkets, and gadgets in this highly consumer-driven world.  So wouldn’t it make sense that one’s wardrobe always be changing too? This is the new, creative concept of Candy Miller’s […]
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Melodies Graphiques

It is often said that you can tell a person by their shoes; trainers, stilletos, brogues, boots, sandals….all give a very different impression of their owners. However, if there is one thing even MORE telling than footwear, it must be one’s choice of stationery. Though it might not seem important, what a person writes on […]
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Nestled down a side street of a major tourist herding range, Oggi waits. It waits for the lost, confused tourist to stumble by. It waits for the ex-pat on her daily run to glance up. It waits for the established Parisian to jump out of the cab as it slows up to the window. Whichever […]
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Cassiopée (Antiquités-Brocante)

Hidden in a quiet little courtyard off rue Saint-Paul in the Marais, is this gem of an antique shop that specializes in arts de la table (fine silver, china and crystal glass).  Throughout Paris you can find antiquités and brocante stores, including boutiques that specialize in selling antique silver, but Cassiopée is special for its […]
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