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Le Temps Au Temps

Every try and ask that someone special for a date, only to be turned down again and again, with the usual excuse that they are already ‘’busy ?’’   So it was for Le Temps Au Temps, as every time I called – usually only a day or two in advance – to be told by politely […]
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L’Ecailler Du Bistrot (11eme)

When I first came to Paris, I mistakenly thought that the seafood in Paris could not match the freshness or quality of the what was available in Seattle, my hometown.  I was wrong. The Parisians take seafood seriously and the chefs bring it to an entirely different level. Oysters (huîtres), prawns (gambas), shrimp (crevette), lobster […]
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Terrienne is a small pottery workshop in the 11th arrondissement where it is possible to learn the art of throwing clay in the form of a short course or an ongoing learning process. Run by Alexis Duclos, an American expatriate renowned for her method of teaching, the workshop is small and intimate with just 5 […]
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La Maison Pos

So, now young Padawan, you are no longer afraid of the pigeons and dog poop in the streets of Paris. You drink real coffee in a thimble-like cup. And- you finally realized that Sofia Coppola’s vision of Paris was a wee bit over the top. Congratulations, you are (almost) a real Parisian. Now here comes […]
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La Nuit des Musées (May 15th)

This Saturday – Pay a Nocturnal Visit to Paris’s Museums…For Free! Entering the Louvre at night without paying would normally result in a visit to the Commissariat de Police, but this Saturday the inhabitants of Paris will be encouraged to do just that. The 6th annual European Night of Museums (La nuit européenne des musées) […]
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Onze Bar

Paris – a city anywhere you walk, you can have a visual on at least one café within 100 feet.  Paris – a city where once inside the café, it is common practice to prendre un café or boire un verre at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Paris – a […]
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