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La Nuit des Musées (May 15th)

This Saturday – Pay a Nocturnal Visit to Paris’s Museums…For Free! Entering the Louvre at night without paying would normally result in a visit to the Commissariat de Police, but this Saturday the inhabitants of Paris will be encouraged to do just that. The 6th annual European Night of Museums (La nuit européenne des musées) […]
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Le Café Chinois

Tea is often thought of as a particularly English obsession and, indeed, every day the people of England – myself included – down buckets of the stuff, with or without milk, sugar, and biscuits. As a big fan of what the Victorians called “the gentle herb,” I am frequently asked to recommend places in England […]
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Chez Janou

Situated behind Place des Vosges, you will of course run into tourists, but above all at Chez Janou you will meet local clientele for lunchtime and des connoisseurs in the evenings and weekends. This “bistrot provençal,” as it as known, probably offers the largest selection of pastis in Paris with nearly 100 kinds that Share […]
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Most people these days like options.  More and more people are perfecting multitasking as it becomes easier and easier to get distracted with new toys, electronics, trinkets, and gadgets in this highly consumer-driven world.  So wouldn’t it make sense that one’s wardrobe always be changing too? This is the new, creative concept of Candy Miller’s […]
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Breizh Café

Quick! First words that come to mind when someone says name traditional French food…….. I bet many people thought of cheese, baguettes, escargots, AND crêpes.  Yes, these “flat pancakes” can be found at most cafés and scattered stands around the city. But there is a new wave of crêpes sweeping Le Marais. Breizh Café: la […]
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