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Le Temps Au Temps

Every try and ask that someone special for a date, only to be turned down again and again, with the usual excuse that they are already ‘’busy ?’’   So it was for Le Temps Au Temps, as every time I called – usually only a day or two in advance – to be told by politely […]
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Le Relais de l’Entrecote — Best Restaurants In Paris

For carnivores that desire simplicity, there are few places that meet that standard as Le Relaise de l’Entrecote, in Paris.  The menu is deceiving as there is only one main course — steak and frites — and your choice is limited to how you want it cooked (normally a point, or if you are a true […]
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Les Cocottes

On Rue Saint Dominique, sandwiched between Violon D’Ingres and Cafe Constant, is the ‘’troisième’’ restaurant owned by Chef Christian Constant, Les Cocottes.  Chef Christian Constant is usually seen here, unless he is sipping a cafe outside, at a table by Cafe Constant next door.  Les Cocottes is the happy medium between the more upscale Violon […]
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Tokyo Eat

One of my favorite restaurants in Paris, Tokyo Eat, is located inside the versatile Palais de Tokyo, the temple of the new and young artists from France and abroad. This informal place is open almost all day from noon until mid-night and offers a seasonal menu with well-priced options.  Starting with the natural fruit juices […]
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Le Dirigeable

In a “bistro-chic” ambiance, the chef offers a traditional cuisine with a modern twist.  The seasonal recipes change daily according to the markets or at the least, the side dish is modified.  Did you spot the boudin basque pommes en l’air? Well, tonight, you will enjoy it with some celery… Some dishes are always on […]
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Au Pied de Cochon

Open all hours of the day, every day of the week, this old-fashioned brasserie is perfect for a mid-day snack after shopping at nearby stores like Dehillerin, or after a late night out, for an early morning rejuvenation of coffee and maybe something to soothe the stomach, like soupe à l’oignon gratinée (French onion soup). […]
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