A statue of a naked man in the middle of a garden.

Square Georges Cain

The famous Marais district of Paris is not known for being peaceful. Rue de Rosiers, shared begrudgingly by pedestrians and cars, is not a place where one can pass a relaxing moment. However, less than 5 minutes away is the ultimate place to spend a rushed lunchtime or a long afternoon- the Square Georges Cain. This small park is a brilliant place to eat the area’s world famous falafel as it is a simple and hassle free walk.

Within the square, or small park, which is situated on rue Payenne, backs directly onto the Musée Carnavalet, a museum celebrating the city’s colourful history. In reflection of this historical theme, the park is bordered by artefacts including ancient columns from the Palais de Tuileries. Married with the beautiful roses and neatly trimmed hedges, the Square Georges Cain feels important, yet concealed from the busy reality of the area in which it is located.

Address: Rue de Payenne, 75003
Metro: Saint-Paul

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