Passage St André des Arts

passage st andres des arts.jpgTucked away between Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue St André des Arts in the 6ème, pedestrians-only Cour du Commerce St André des Arts is a little haven of repose among a warren of busy shops and cafes. Its cobbled floor and odd mix of cafes and tiny boutiques provide welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the nearby rue Buci, making it the perfect place to dive into for a break from the beaten track.

Among the treasures to be found in this tiny passage are an oddities shop, windows replete with telescopes, paperweights, vintage-style globes, and other miscellania….and a café by the name of La Jacobine. This latter is a particular favourite of mine; cosy but not cramped, it serves a variety of teas, coffees and delicious tartes throughout the day in addition to more savoury fare. Its best item, however, is without a doubt the ‘Chocolat Azteque’; thick, smooth, and perfectly balanced between bitter and sweet, it is the ideal drink for raising the sugar levels of any weary traveller. Anyone who goes to the nearby Starbucks while this place exists deserves the tepid coffee they will indubitably receive there!

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Passage St André des Arts, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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