Oggi 01.JPGNestled down a side street of a major tourist herding range, Oggi waits. It waits for the lost, confused tourist to stumble by. It waits for the ex-pat on her daily run to glance up. It waits for the established Parisian to jump out of the cab as it slows up to the window. Whichever you may be, the importance lies in opening the door to this hidden boutique.

Specializing in jewelry and women’s fashion accessories, Oggi caters to any and all tastes. Murielle, the enchanting artist and owner, delicately customizes and tailors each thread, bead, chain, lace, gem, and strap to create the gorgeous, unique pieces hatched within the gallery.

Greeted with a melodious Bonjour! and a vibrant smile, I gloated in my faux spotlight cast by the sun through the window. All I could think was this woman wants to design for ME. Personally. Look! There is her work table.  Sitting in the middle of everything, two inviting chairs are enclosed by jewelry-laden shelves all radiating inspiration for her next suitor. That is Murielle’s hook.  She takes avid interest in all her clientele, perfecting the balance between one’s physical and fashionable appearance.  Having an inventory for special occasions, such as weddings, or just for casual/everyday-wear, the prices reflect personal attention and fabrication. Each piece has a 5-10 year warranty to guarantee custom quality.

Oggi Collage.jpg

So if are looking for a pair of leather gloves to stand guard against everyday beatings, I would suggest walking back by the souvenir shops lining Rue de Rivoli. BUT if you are looking for that one treasure to tell the legend of your stay in Paris…



Tues-Sat 11:00-7:00pm

Telephone: 01 42 86 02 03

Website: www.oggi-paris.com

Contact: info@oggi-paris.com

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