A store front with many different items on the windows.

Servant (Chocolate, Candy and Sweets)

Founded in 1913, this family owned chocolate and candy shop has retained its character and its charm for nearly 100

hundred years. The first time we went I was taking a picture of my two boys in the front of the store, and the owner came out and graciously handed each some little treats, with a friendly smile and a warm welcome.

Servant offers some of the best chocolates in Paris, and the various candies encased in large jars, lined up on the shelves, are sure to delight children and adults alike. In the body of the store there are tables with chocolates laid out on large trays to choose from, as well as even more chocolates gloriously presented in glass cases.

Servant is perfect for picking up gifts or treating yourself. The staff are always friendly and helpful and will gift-wrap your treats in beautiful packing with ribbon (of course), and place them in a very handsome orange Servant sack. I always try and find an excuse to go to Servant, as it is close to our apartment. Whenever we have friends over with their children, we are sure to buy a sac of little candies as a treat, or at least a sucette (lollipop), which are always a hit.

Location: 30, rue d’Auteuil – 75016 PARIS
Phone: 01 42 88 49 82
Email: contact@chocolaterie-servant.com

Open seven days a week.

Monday: 14h -19h
Tuesday: 10h – 19h30
Wednesday: 9h-19h30
Thursday: 10h-19h30
Friday: 10h-19h30
Saturday: 9h-19h30
Sunday: 11h-13h

Metro and Bus

Métro ligne 9, station Michel-Ange Auteuil
Métro ligne 10, station Église d’Auteuil
Bus ligne 22 – 52 – 62

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