A night time picture of the church with lights on.

Sacré Coeur

The Sacré Coeur, the Basilica of Montmartre, since it’s completion in 1914, has been inspiration for many who have seen its beauty. Sometimes an over-looked part of the many things to see in Paris, people who do find the time to take a trip are never disappointed. From metro Anvers (Line 2) and you hike up the cobbled streets of touristy shops, cheap clothes and even fabric shops. On this path we see a wave of tourists gawking at the wonderful Basilica. On the side streets we see artists drawing peoples names in fancy calligraphy for 5 euro and people playing gambling games. All of this adds to the environment, which is truly alive and bustling.

You climb up the beautiful hillside park of the Basilica and sit down on the lively steps where many people gather and relax. Perhaps you’ve brought a lunch or buy some from venders and watch as magicians, dancers and musicians entertain the crowd. You then look out in front of you and see one of the most breathtaking views of Paris sprawled in front of you. On a sunny day, this is a perfect Parisian experience.

You snap some pictures of the beautiful Basilica and then enter, like always, free of charge. The ambiance of peace and tranquility is immediately evident and is magnified by the sheer beauty of the Basilica. You walk around and admire the artwork and an amazing sculpture of the Sacré Coeur itself. You can also give a small donation to the church, take a candle, and light it to remember a loved one.

What I would recommend to those religious or not is going to mass in the basilica. When I went, I found it so beautiful and peaceful. The nuns open the service with beautiful hymn and the priests give their longs sermons (en français of course). There is also a choir practice, with an entry free of charge, on Sunday mornings at 9:30, which lasts an hour and is a great way to start the day.

Take a trip up to Sacré Coeur and simply enjoy!


Address: Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre, 75018

Métro: Anvers, line M2

Hours: Masses are held weekly at 8:00, 12:00, 18:30, 21:30

Website: http://www.sacre-coeur-montmartre.com/

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