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Popelini | Best Patisserie in Paris

Popelini, tucked away along a quiet road in the 3rd arrondissement, is a showcase for one of French pâtisserie’s staples – choux pastry. After all, French pâtisserie just wouldn’t be the same without Ã©clairs, réligieuses, choux and saint-honorés, now would it? Popelini has made choux pastry its speciality by selling a range of different flavoured choux buns.

The simplicity of it is genius – choux pastry baked with a crumble topping to add texture, filled with flavoured pastry creams and iced. Flavours range from the classics lemon, caramel, praline, chocolate to combinations such as cherry and pistachio, vanilla and strawberry. They even have a â€˜choux du jour’ which changes every day – when I visited it was Cointreau and candied orange.

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Popelini | Best Patisserie in Paris

If choux could be done this well everywhere they could even overtake macarons. They’re perfect as a gift, sold in long slender cerise boxes, or just gobbled up on the go. It’s no wonder the place is such a delight – the project has been headed up by a former Ladurée chef with the support of Christophe Michalak.

Address: 29 rue Debelleyme, 75003
Métro: Filles du Calvaire ou St Sébastian Froissart
Tél: 01 44 61 31 44
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-7.30 pm
Website: www.popelini.com

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