A jar of honey is shown in this picture.

Paris Honey

Paris is becoming a new breeding ground of sorts – for honey. Who says there is a shortage of bees, as in Paris bee populations are growing, and Paris is reputed to be the source of some of the best honey from France. Bee populations are thriving, at well known places such as Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, and even at Palais Garnier – the majestic old opera house of Paris – as well on the glass dome of the Grand Palais off of the Champs Élysées. 

One explanation for this phenomenon is that the city largely free from the pesticides and fertilizers that are killing the countryside bees, and the warmth of the urban area promotes earlier breeding. Moreover, Paris is an incredibly green city, with all types of different flowers and trees that bees pollinate. Apartment buildings help with their terraces and balconies that have all types of flowers. Some Paris honey-producers are claiming record productivity, with up to 100kg of honey per hive annually, compared with the 20-25kg from typical hives on the cereal-producing plains of Ile-de-France.

The honey flavor is described by experts as sweet and subtle, and has actually won-over honey from other regions such as Provence. Paris honey can be purchased at Grand Palais, Palais Garnier and La Grand Epicerie. Some versions are also harvested and sold by the famous store Fauchon.

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