A purple paper doll with the words paperdolls written underneath.


Most people these days like options.  More and more people are perfecting multitasking as it becomes easier and easier to get distracted with new toys, electronics, trinkets, and gadgets in this highly consumer-driven world.  So wouldn’t it make sense that one’s wardrobe always be changing too?

This is the new, creative concept of Candy Miller’s Paperdolls.  Inside the boutique L’Espace des Créateurs, the true-to-form name insinuates the novel, or should I say nouvelle, idea of RENTING clothes.

Paperdolls features young up-and-coming international designer’s talents (Pampa & Pop, Suzon & Léna, Wearetheneons, and Virginie Mahé), while you and me reap the benefits of becoming the newest fashion icons in Paris with the all the current “must-havesâ€.  One can buy any of the clothes, jewelry, or accessories in the store, but there are also two racks available for rent at a fraction of the price!  These prêt-a-louer clothes can be rented for the weekend (15% of the cost), one week (20%), 15 days (25%), or the entire month (30%) – and that includes the cost of dry cleaning upon return. A recent addition to the renting policy, which I think is an absolute steal: Pay a 50€ fee per month to rent an unlimited amount of clothes at 15€ each.  How many boutiques can you pay 15€ for some of the hippest, newest, chicest attire – Quelle chance!

So if you’re roaming around Le Marais, definitely check out this fashion revolution and let Paperdolls become your personal closet of never-ending possibilities!

Address: 7 Rue Commines, 75003
Metro: Filles du Calvaire
Tel: 06 16 13 33 48
Hours: Tues – Sat 12:00pm-7:00pm
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paris-France/Paperdolls/171143875418

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