A man riding a skateboard down the middle of a street.

Lime Scooters in Paris

Traditionally, proverbial walking or the Paris metro were the transportation method of choice to get around the city. And, while Uber is now a convenience to take advantage of (much to the annoyance of Paris taxi drivers), Lime Scooters are a great and fun way to see the city.  Much like the TV show the Amazing Race, would-be users of Lime Scooters hunt for an available one on the Lime App, and a race develops who can get to one first.  On at least one occasion another person snatched one out of my hands and in another I was a step ahead of a couple to obtain my own.  The best part is these scooters are fast, reasonably safe, and except when on cobblestone streets, you can scoot around and see much more than on foot.  More information about Lime Bikes and Scooters can be found here.

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