Jeusselin, on Rue Cler, has specialized in serving the finest fresh foie gras since 1937. Julia Child would have come here to buy foie gras, cured meats, fresh pork and other delicacies.

I first started coming with my labrador, Truman, who, at the time, was 12 years old and suffering from cancer. I would buy fresh pork chops for Truman, and the shopkeepers knew the cuts were for him. The people at Jeusselin were always kind to Truman, giving him a treat and a pat. One day when I came without Truman, the shopkeeper asked where he was and I just shook my head. She said “il est parti?†(meaning, he passed away?) and when I responded yes she looked at me, sadly, and uttered a heartfelt “je suis desoleeâ€Â (I am sorry).

Jeusselin remains one of my favorite places to buy fresh foie gras. It is always succulent, and ideal for cooking in a sauté pan with veal stock and port which blend to create a lovely sauce to top things off. Jeusselin also has terrific salads, fresh pork (chops or a filet), as well as chicken and sausages.

If you have little ones, Jeusselin also has an electronic pony ride for kids — you just need a Euro to put in the coin slot to make it work. That keeps them occupied while you gaze at the wide selection and try to choose what you want to take home with you for dinner or a picnic in the park.

Open Tuesday through Sunday morning.

37 Rue Cler

75007 Paris, France
01 45 51 22 74

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