A street performer playing the cello on the sidewalk.

Jazz Festival in Parc Floral

Since the 1920s at the height of jazz, Paris has always attracted great jazz musicians, from Charlie Parker to Miles Davis. There are also over 40 jazz clubs in Paris that continue to attract star performers worldwide, and Paris itself continues to develop talented artists from the ground up. For 10 years, Paris has hosted a summer Paris Jazz festival in Parc Floral in the Bois de Vincennes. Through August 1, free concerts will be played, and a variety of talented jass artists will perform in the afternoon.

As Parc Floral is a perfect place for a picnic, you can go for lunch or a snack, or buy something there as well. The area is historic, as it was a hunting reserve for the kings of France, until Napoleon III made it a public park in 1860. There are four lakes in the park, and also a zoo (but it is closed for restoration). Chateau de Vincennes, which is within walking distance, was built in 1150 by King Louis VII and remained a chateau for French kings until the 18th century, abandoned shortly before the French Revolution.

The complete showing of concerts is below.

Saturday, July 17th
3pm: Hagiga Sextet
4.30pm: David El Malek

Sunday, July 18th
3pm: Oriental Music Ensemble
4.30pm: Anouar Brahem Quartet

Saturday, July 24th
3pm: Antony Joseph & The Spasm Band
4.30pm: The Syndicate

Sunday, July 25th
3pm: Sandra Nkaké – Mansaadi
4.30pm: Richard BOna – The Ten Shades of Blues

Saturday, July 31st
3pm: trio de Daniel Goyone with Isabelle Olivier
4.30pm: Christophe Monniot – Vivaldi Universal

Sunday, August 1st
3pm: Enrico Pieranunzi piano solo – Scarlatti
4.30pm: Richard Galliano (Bach)

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