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page_attente.jpgThe 18th arrondissement is my favourite part of Paris. This is partly due to it being where I live and experience true French culture on a daily basis, but, more importantly, because of its diverse and artistic inhabitants. It is a buzzing arrondissement of different cultures blending together, as is evident by its huge variety of foreign food markets. It also has a bohemian, laid-back feel that you don’t experience elsewhere in Paris. Time moves at a slower, more relaxed pace and creativity flows all around. If you needed another reason to head north and check out my neighbourhood then Musiques & Jardins is it!

From June 27th to July 17th the charming and often undiscovered parks of this area will be full of music, laughter and life. I happened to stumble upon the first of the series of concerts in Parc de la Turlure, which is situated just behind the Sacré Coeur basilica. With that stunning backdrop I sat under a vined arcade and enjoyed the sweet melodies filling this charming garden. Families and young people gathered around a small stage where a French trio sang beautiful songs that melded violins and ukuleles to give them a truly unique sound. Groups of people sat on the grass, children danced and couples swayed in each other’s arms and, best of all, this wonderful experience was free. Musiques & Jardins will have concerts of various musical styles in the parks of the 18th arrondissement and Aubervilliers, so there’s really no better time to come visit. The concerts on weekends are free and on weeknights are 10€, a small price to pay for instant happiness. For complete listings of the daily concerts and their locations see the website.

Address: Various areas in the 18th arrondissement and Aubervilliers
Hours: June 27th – July 17th, various times from 15h-23h

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