La Ferme

Picture 860.jpgIf the expression “You are what you eat” was to be taken literally then I would currently resemble a giant French pastry. For this reason I was eager to try an organic eatery that my co-worker told me about called La Ferme. La Ferme,“The Farm”, really lives up to its name as its décor and menu are all fresh and natural. Unlike many of the “bio” restaurants in Paris with their ultra modern health spa-like atmosphere, La Ferme puts you at ease from the moment you see their trademark cartoon cow decorating all their establishments.

Once inside you have the option of choosing from their ready-to-go sandwiches, wraps and salads or a selection of cooked dishes that change daily. You pay at a counter that looks like it is made up of a pile of freshly cut logs and you can see all their delicious baked goods sitting in front of you. All their food is organic, except for the milk products that come from local farms. The organic menu is far from dull with such choices as Soba noodle salad with duck, tandoori chicken wraps, salmon and spinach lasagna, and chicken club sandwiches. They also have desserts like tiramisu or strawberry mousse and different tarts and scones to accompany your main dish.

The interior itself is reminiscent of a rustic cabin and walking into the eating area you get the feeling that you are walking into a campground where families, students, tourists, and the local business clientele sit happily together around wooden tables. Dining at La Ferme is almost like having a picnic but without the pesky insects and the threat of rain. Their doormats are a dark, lush green colour reminiscent of freshly cut grass and the back wall is covered in faux moss.

The music is always different ranging from hip hop to lounge and provides a lively soundtrack as you enjoy your meal in one of their comfy wicker chairs. You can also order food to go, and they provide you with biodegradable cutlery, showing they truly care about the environment. For a quick, healthy and family friendly option in Paris, La Ferme is the place to go!

Address: 55–57 rue Saint-Roch, 75001
Tel: 01 40 20 12 12
Hours: M-F: 8 – 19h, Saturdays: 9 – 19h, Sundays: 10 – 19h
Website and Other Locations:

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