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For Kids

Just as Charlie Bucket found the infamous golden ticket, admitting him to the wondrous world of Willie Wonka’s Charlie Factory, so too Paris is a golden ticket for children. It is actually difficult to fathom that anyone thinks Paris is a city only for adults, as in reality Parisians adore children and center life around them. If anything, the challenge is to decide what to do when here, as even if you live here it is impossible to visit every one of the museums, parks, boat rides, pony rides, carousel rides, zoos, candy shops, patisseries, magic stores, toy stores, or weekend event designed for children.

Virtually every museum caters to children, with regularly-held special workshops or tours. Even the young are well-dressed – fashion for children begins when they are just infants. Bonpoint, Jacadi, Christian Dior, Le Petit Bateau and so many other fashion designers have created children’s collection. Even gastronomy begins at birth, as baby food in jars consists of veal, duck and sole muniere.

Imbued in the arts, little tykes go to the museums in pre-school to sketch Monet, Renoir and Degas. They go to the Rodin museum (my little one, unfortunately, fell and broke his arm, only to have the pompiers show up in an ambulance and take him for a ride to the hospital — a museum trip he nor any of his classmates will ever forget) where they can promenade in the garden and develop an appreciation for sculpture.

For picnics, children go to the Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre’s glass Pyramid, and for a view of Paris, scamper up the steps to Sacre Couer. The parks are plentiful, well-kempt and magical with their pony rides, carousels, and toy and candy kiosks. The main issue is choosing where to go, as there are simply too many parks to choose from.

In short, the splendor and beauty of Paris is not lost on children. And you need not be a Parisian to enjoy the glory of Paris. We share with you our kids’ favorite places, from parks, to museums, to restaurants, toy stores, candy shops and patisseries. I cannot think of a more wonderful city to visit with children, or for children to live.


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