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Cupcake Camp 2010

With New York City’s Magnolia and Los Angeles’ Sprinkles, the cupcake craze has grasped the States on both coasts with its doughy hands.  Now thanks to cupcake entrepreneurs, it has penetrated the open waters and sauntered its way into Central Europe, especially Paris.

On July 4th, Parisians and expats, both amateur and professional bakers are invited to gather with their homemade cupcakes at Bistrot Vivienne in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement for Paris’ first ever Cupcake Camp!

Participants will taste, share, and judge cupcakes in a friendly and festive atmosphere, followed by competitions (Most Patriotic cupcake, Cupcake with the Most Unusual Ingredient, Best Cupcake by an under 16 aged baker, etc.) judged by prominent Parisian cupcake bakers and local celebrities.  Le Best of Paris will be sponsoring the contest and prize for the Most Parisian cupcake.

Attendees should expect appearances from several of Paris’ established cupcake bakers, including Berko, Synie’s Cupcakes, Chloé S, Cupcakes & Co., and Little Miss Cupcake, who will be on-hand to share their tips, passion and cupcakes.

Sponsors for the event include Wilton, innocent smoothies, iCING WORKS, Parisian Events, La Cuisine Paris, ScrapCooking®, Le Best of Paris, Ratana, and My American Market.com.

Proceeds from the event will support a group spearheaded by friends of Cupcake Camp Paris, Rebuilding Haiti Nowan organization that provides relief for those affected by the earthquake earlier this year in Haiti.  Cupcake Camp Paris will be operated as a non-profit event; all volunteers are freely giving of their time and proceeds from the event will be donated to this noteworthy charity.  Attendees will pay a 10€ entry fee, good for 1 drink (soft, tea or coffee) with a portion of each entry going to charity.

Cupcake Camp is a growing trend with local events popping up all over the world — from New York to Montreal, from Amsterdam to Sydney, from San Francisco to Bombay.  Cupcake Camp is a celebration of the cupcake, both a novelty pastry in Paris and a beloved childhood dessert in America.  This tradition that hails from California, created by Ariel Waldman, will be opened to the French public this summer for the first time.  In fact, the cupcake can be considered the US’ defining culinary contribution to the world, which is why Cupcake Camp Paris will be held on July 4th – America’s Independence Day!

There are already several cupcake bakeries in the French capital and it’s quickly becoming clear that Parisians are falling for the dessert – and they’re not just for kids!  Hence the simple concept of our event: the call to cupcake lovers all over France to gather, to meet, to eat and to share cupcakes.

Cat Beurnier is Little Miss Cupcake, one of the first cupcake bakers in Paris.  Bryan Pirolli is a master’s student at the Sorbonne Nouvelle and is a cook in a new American bakery located at1 rue Dupuis in the 3rd arrondissement.

You can register to bake and bring cupcakes here and RSVP here!

When: Sunday, July 4
Hours: 16H30-18H30
Where : Bistrot Vivienne, 4 rue des Petits Champs, 75002
Website: www.cupcakecampparis.blogspot.com

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