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La Flûte l’Étoile | Champagne Bar

One of my favorite haunts to go for a glass of bubbly is La Flûte l’Étoile in the 17th arrondissement.  La Flûte is a stone’s throw away from the Arc de Triumph off of the Avenue Wagram. It is an intimate and elegant spot with modern décor. They have a typical bar setting downstairs and […]
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A Pocket of Paris: rue Quincampoix

It’s September again and fall will soon arrive in Paris which means the city has woken up from its August hibernation. The tourists are gone, the shops are open, the children are back in school, and galleries are redecorating their white walls with new art. It’s pretty easy to get the impression that in its […]
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Video Tours of Paris

For a video tour of various areas in Paris, we are pleased to partner with GeoBeats to provide a menu of places to see by video, from Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré for fashionistas to Rue des Rosiers for experiencing the old Jewish quartier in Paris. Video tours show you where to buy escargot, cheese, wine, […]
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Paris Insights: An Anthology

Do you know that there is another river in Paris besides the Seine? Or why tons of sand are imported into the city every summer? Or a place where you can go for a massage, sauna, exfoliation, and tea room, but you might never think of it? All of the answers can be found in […]
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With its distinctive red and black label, Hediard (pronounced “e-dee-yar”) is a top place to buy fine coffee, tea, sweets, chocolates, fruits and wine. Established in 1854, what is unique about Hediard is that in each store there is a cart with a beautiful assortment of lush fresh fruits, including bananas, berries, and maybe some […]
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Au Verger de la Madeleine

This prestigious cave in the posh Madeleine district near famed gourmet stores Hediard and Fouchon, offers an excellent collection of wines, and spirits, including top-notch Armagnac.  This pocket-sized store has been pleasing customers since 1937, and remains one of the best wine stores to acquire excellent vintages as well as everyday wines that are sure […]
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