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Video Tours of Paris

For a video tour of various areas in Paris, we are pleased to partner with GeoBeats to provide a menu of places to see by video, from Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré for fashionistas to Rue des Rosiers for experiencing the old Jewish quartier in Paris. Video tours show you where to buy escargot, cheese, wine, […]
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Le Boulanger des Invalides: Jocteur

As a student in the city, going out to cafés can be off-putting as costs can escalate easily. However, not wanting to cut corners, outings can become limited and hefty prices are a worrying prospect, even though eating and drinking in Paris is somewhat a pastime. And so the search began for a reasonably priced […]
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La Parisienne Boulangerie

Weekly Special: Best Boulangerie in Paris You can’t miss La Parisienne, with its bright purple paint, decorated windows and large signs boasting their runner-up status in the recent 2010 Best Baguette in Paris contest (Grand Prix de la Meilleure Baguette 2010). I was quite excited to try La Parisienne’s baguette – a simple yet highly […]
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Best Baguette (Le Grenier)

Weekly Special: Best Boulangerie in Paris To kick off our “Best of” series, we are featuring a classic French staple: la baguette. On the 22nd of March, the 17th Annual Best Baguette contest in Paris took place at la Chambre de Commerce des Boulangers.  Over 160 artisans flocked through the streets whisking fresh trails of […]
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When we first moved to Paris I was in awe of every boulangerie and patisserie. On Rue Saint-Dominque, a block from where we lived, there were two bakeries within 100 meters of each other, another a block away on Rue de Grenelle, another famed bakery another 200 meters away on Avenue Bosquet, and then yet another […]
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In 1789 when the French stormed Versailles, causing Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI to seek “haven” in the Tuileries, it is said that the rioters sought to return with the royal family’s “baker, the baker’s wife, and the apprentice” — such was the importance of bread to the ancien regime.  Indeed, the events that led up […]
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