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Violon d’Ingres

On Rue Saint Dominique, in the epicenter of the tony Seventh arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower, lies a single block of restaurants that, together, offer some of the best French cuisine in Paris.  A constellation of three restaurants next to each other – all owned by famed Chef Christian Constant – give varied choice to […]
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Les Cocottes

On Rue Saint Dominique, sandwiched between Violon D’Ingres and Cafe Constant, is the ‘’troisième’’ restaurant owned by Chef Christian Constant, Les Cocottes.  Chef Christian Constant is usually seen here, unless he is sipping a cafe outside, at a table by Cafe Constant next door.  Les Cocottes is the happy medium between the more upscale Violon […]
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Restaurant Musée d’Orsay

Normally when one thinks of restaurant food at a musuem, it means packing a lunch or viewing preserved artifacts of old china.  France brings museum food to a whole new level, and there is no better place to experience excellent food in a simply lavish venue, then at Restaurant Musée d’Orsay.  Share on Facebook
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Place Dauphine — A Quiet Pocket of Paris

Situated off of the Pont Neuf bridge, Place Dauphine is without a doubt one of the most beautiful hidden spots in Paris — a tiny pocket immune from loud tourists or the busy “Quai” off the Seine river.  A mere 102 meters in length, Place Dauphine, in the shape of a triangle, is buttressed by tall old […]
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The Club

Nestled in the sleepy seventh arrondissement is The Club, a lovely spot for a bite to eat or an evening drink. Their specialities are Club Sandwiches and Cocktails, for both of which there is an extensive menu containing locally sourced ingredients. Share on Facebook
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Au Roi du Café

If you are seeking an affordable evening meal in a great location, then look no further than Au Roi du Café on Rue Lecourbe. The bistro offers a concise yet varied menu of main courses  including traditional favourites as well as daily specials, most of which are priced at 11 euros. The desserts are also sublime and […]
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