A market with many items on the ground

Brocante-Eglise d’Auteuil (December 6 and 7)

For one of the better brocante shows to look for silver, fine china, goblets of Baccarat, antique necklaces, old framed art pieces and other fine brocante pieces, visit Eglise d’Auteuil in the posh 16th Arrondissement the weekend of December 6 and 7. Saturday and Sunday only, over 90 antique and brocante vendors will be lined up at the Eglise d’Auteuil metro. Who knows what treasures you might find here, but you are guaranteed to find some excellent artifacts without having to go all the way to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. Last time I was here items for sale included art deco period furniture pieces, women’s furs, and old LPs (45s). Eglise d’Auteuil metro stop (Ligne 10) is also close to other shops, cafes and restaurants on or near Rue d’Auteuil.

Right at the metro stop in the heart of this brocante and antique show is Clocher du Village, which is a charming awning covered cafe where you can sit and sip a morning espresso, snack on sandwiches, salads and other cafe fare, or have an afternoon (or even morning) beer or glass of wine. I went there this morning with my labrador, Cosmo, and the two waiters came by to kiss him on his nose.

The trees give light shelter to the warm spring sunlight, and the venue is perfect for a Saturday or Sunday morning stroll. I checked the stalls and there are a range of great places, including fine rugs, framed sketches, old postcards and unusal table pieces. You will not be disappointed and this is far better not only in terms of venue, but also selection, than Les Puces.

For a more complete listing of places to vist, including top restaurants, bistros, and shops, see our listing on Roland Garros which provides top ten places to visit. Pizzeria d’Auteuil is a reliable favorite, and the perfect spot for a late Sunday lunch.

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