Café Bô Zinc

bozinc_180-abfe3_gallery.jpgThere is no shortage of fantastic cafés or brasseries in this city. Every time you turn a corner you find plenty of options for brunch, lunch, drinks or dinner. Some of these places however manage to stand out from all of the other cafés as something special. Café Bô Zinc is one of these places.

Located in the very chic 16th Arrondissement, Café Bô Zinc provides its patrons with all the trimmings of a contemporary atmosphere without paying a trendy price! I am a frequent patron of Café Bô Zinc, and for under 20€ you enjoy a bottle of wine and dinner with a friend in this delightful establishment – which is a price range that is very difficult to find elsewhere in this neighborhood.


While their food might be inexpensive, it is nonetheless fabulous. They offer everything from salad, entrecôte, salmon to beef tartar. They also have a wonderful desert menu. The salad portions are healthy and their salade végétarienne and salade océan are both wonderful for a light lunch. For dinner their entrecôte is served with a favorable bundle of thyme next to it that has been charred adding to the flavor of the meat. You can literally smell your delicious plate coming your way!

For dessert I would suggest the croustillant with bananas, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. It is only 5€ and it is big enough to split between 4 people but small enough that you won‘t have to feel guilty about adding it to your bill or your waistline! Pay close attention to the specials as well because they are very creative and oftentimes just what the doctor ordered.


During the day this café is filled with chic clientele of all ages. That being said the dress code is still very casual or “fabulous light” if you will. Throughout the afternoon Café Bô Zinc has a friendly feel with convivial service to match. Towards the end of the dinner rush the ambiance starts to emanate more of a lounge feel. They start to play music a little louder, but this is still a place to sit and relax with friends. The kitchen closes at 23h30 but the bar remains open until around 2h.

Address: 59 Avenue Mozart, 75016
Tel: 01 42 24 69 05
Hours: Everyday, 12:00-11:30pm, bar until 2:00am

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Café Bô Zinc, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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