Elizabeth W. Rubel


A former resident of Boston and New York, Elizabeth is no stranger to life in the big city.  A resident of Paris since 2009, Elizabeth lives in the 16th Arrondissement and currently work for the New York Times Syndicate.

Elizabeth has been carefully studying the city of Paris and combing it for those one in a million spots, with that Parisian flair and “Je ne sais quoi” that you can’t wait to write home about.

Elizabeth is always interested in hearing your feedback, opinions, and the locations of your own hidden gems! For all press and partnership inquiries she can be contacted via e-mail at:

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Lauren Robinson

Lauren is a student at the University of London Institute in Paris and is currently in the first year of a three year French Studies degree. The city is a far cry from the quiet village in central England that she returns to in the holidays.

When she is not studying, Lauren enjoys exploring the lesser known areas, in the hope of discovering a hidden gem from the tourist’s glare. The combination of studying/learning French and living in Paris allows her to enjoy the culture, as well as the experience of speaking to new people, as well as the brilliant shopping facilities of course!

Lauren can be reached at

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Lauren Grasso

After spending 2008-2009 studying at the Sciences-Po, Lauren has returned for a third summer in Paris. She is thrilled to once again be strolling the beautiful streets and occasionally stopping to sample a macaron. In May, Lauren graduated with a degree in Human Development and Organizational Studies from the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.

Previous journalism experience includes The International Herald Tribune and The Boston Herald. In August she will begin teaching 7th grade English/Language Arts and French in New Bedford, MA. Lauren loves Paris, yoga, vintage clothing and eating. Please email her with your own “bests” of Paris

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Jessica Cherry

Jessica is a French and Spanish student at the University of Cambridge, but for her Year Abroad has chosen to come and live in Paris, to study History of Art at the École Normale Supérieure. Living only two minutes away from the Louvre, she likes nothing better than to go there in an afternoon, followed by a hot chocolate in her favourite café.

When not studying, Jessica loves walking around this beautiful city, visiting museums and art galleries, learning about the medieval history of Paris, teaching, browsing the bookshops, and eating cake.

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Heather Hammel

Heather Hammel is from San Francisco, California and a student at Princeton University. She is studying French language, civilization and literature at the Sorbonne, as well as, interning as a translator at a non-governmental organization, working against human rights abuses in Francophone Africa.

She writes a blog on the intersection of food and culture called Soufflé Days ( She has also contributed pieces to The Paris Blog, Food Talk and Civil Eats, amongst other more political work.

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Leanne Burgess

Leanne is a graduate student from Manchester, returning back to England to study for a Masters degree in Creative Writing. A frequent visitor to Paris, she finally came to live in the city during a gap year, working as an au pair and studying French.

She spends her time exploring and seeking out those certain spots that make you fall in love with Paris all over again. When it’s time to come back to reality she writes fiction and has published a number of short stories.

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