Paris is a glorious treat, and has something for everybody. Le Best of Paris is your guide to finding the best restaurants, stores and sites. So, whether you’re a tourist, an expat or simply a Francophile, Le Best of Paris is your compass.

The city of lights is a virtual overload of the finest gourmet shops, restaurants, patisseries and fromageries in the world. Like everything in life, however, not all places are created equal, and you might miss out on the very best places in Paris unless you know where to look.

Indeed, it is a shame that too many people flock to Paris and just haphazardly eat at a cafe, or buy a mediocre croissant, without knowing they can truly experience the very best — in the world — if they only had a worthy guide. Paris is not so much a mystery as a labyrinth, that requires time and effort to find that something special.

Le Best of Paris writers are locals. We have lived in Paris for several years, screening and filtering out the must-see destinations and we continue to experience and seek out places every day. Today we are sharing those secrets with you. So browse though the categories or conduct a search. Learn about what inspired Julia Child, plan your next visit or find out what’s a great place for kids. LebestofParis.com has it all.

Lebestofparis.com provides users with the most current information about the best venues in Paris.  This is the premier media destination site which is your compass to the City of Lights.  Our website is specifically designed for Parisians, ex-pats and tourists alike, all of whom are selective connoisseurs in search of ‘’la bonne vie’’ (the good life) in Paris.  Even if you cannot come to Paris, we bring the Parisian experience right to your doorstep.

Too many ‘’destination’’ websites are cluttered with gobs of information, and fail to provide selective, high quality recommendations on only the very best destinations in Paris.  We don’t do that.  We only recommend the very best destinations in Paris, and we only recommend what we know.  This is a true insider’s guide to Paris.

For Foodies and Gourmands. If you are a foodie, look no more.  We tell you where to find the best restaurants, bistros, patisserie (pastry shops), boulangerie (bakery shops), chocolaterie (chocolate shops), confiserie (candy shops), fromagerie (cheese shops), grand cave (wine shops), epicerie (gourmet) stores and marches (outdoor farmer markets). We unearth hidden gems that popular guidebooks have ignored.

For Followers of Julia Child. We are also excited to offer you a specific destination channel of FollowingJulia.  We will detail Julia Child’s favorite restaurants, markets, cooking shops, wine stores and other destinations that she frequented while living in Paris.  We will share with you her recipes with real-live video demonstrations.  We will bring alive Julia Child’s Parisian experience, as much remains the same today as when she lived here in the 1950s.

For Children. If you have children, no other website offers more useful information as ours, as we have been time-tested with our experience with the best feedback anyone can offer – our own children as destination guides.  We share with you their favorite places, from restaurants, to parks to the best carousel rides in the city.    Want to know where to find cotton candy?  Want to go to the best candy stores that have not changed for over 100 hundred years?  Want to find hand-painted Napoleonic soldiers, or classic wooden knight shields and swords?  Want to dress your children up like the French do, adorned with hand-made fashion scarves and wool-button down coats?  We share with you all of the best places to take your children for food, fun, shopping and more.

For Shoppers. Anyone can go to Avenue Montaigne, but who actually buys $2,000 shoes and $10,000 dresses.  OK, somebody does, but most of the real world does not.  Here’s a secret:  there are great shopping buys in Paris, you just need to know where to find designer clothes, antique silver, Baccarat glassware, and other treasure troves at a good price.  We tell you where the discount shops are located and the quality shopkeepers that offer the best shopping experiences in Paris.

We are the destination site that shares with you the best of Paris, by Parisians, for Parisians, and everyone else wanting to experience the true splendor of the most beautiful city on earth.  Enjoy !

If you are interested in writing for us, please e-mail info@lebestofparis.com. Please be aware that, at this time, we are unable to pay our writers but you will receive a byline on all submissions – an excellent opportunity to build your portfolio and share your views on Paris.

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